Pediatric Pull-Ups and Diapers

Pediatric Diapers Through Medicaid

Diapers by Cuties & Curity

Aeroflow Healthcare offers Curity and Cuties brand diapers in a variety of sizes. Both brands are breathable and super absorbent. Stretchy inner leg cuffs allow your child to move comfortably in their diaper without any chance of an uncomfortable rub. Cuties diapers are hypoallergenic for safe daily use — they are made with Aloe, Vitamin E and Chamomile for a chemical-free product that’s safe on skin.

Aeroflow Healthcare offers the following pediatric diapers:


Cuties DiaperCuties Diapers
Size Newborn – 6
Curity Baby DiaperCurity Baby Diaper by Covidien
Size 5 (more to come)
Case of 126


Aeroflow Healthcare provides a variety of pediatric pull-up diapers that fit your child’s growing needs. Training pants are the perfect aid to help children transition from using diapers to being potty-trained. Training pants also have refastenable tabs which allows parents to check for messes. Older children struggling with nighttime incontinence issues may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed — with Cuties Sleep Over Pants they have a discreet, trustworthy option.


Aeroflow Healthcare offers the following pediatric pull-ups:


Curity Pediatric Training PantsCurity Disposable Pull On Youth Training Pants
Pack of 14
Absorbency – Heavy
Curity Pediatric Training PantsCurity Disposable Pull On Youth Training Pants
Pack of 56
Absorbency – Heavy
Cuties Sleep OversSleep Overs Youth Pants by Cuties
Small/Medium, Large, X-Large
For older children
Cuties Training PantsCuties Training Pants
2T-3T, 3T-4T, 4T-5T
Boy and Girl options

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