North Carolina Medicaid Offers Free Diaper Service

According to, “Nearly 1 in 3 American families struggle to afford enough diapers, which can lead to serious health problems”. Not only does this issue affect families with small children, but families with older children with disabilities or disabled adults.

Often someone on a limited income or government assistance struggles with getting diapers for loved ones. The frustration of not being able to buy diapers or running out of pull-ups before the next monthly check puts a burden on a caregiver. Due to the fact this happens frequently and the cost of disposable diapers, briefs, and pull-ups are expensive and unaffordable to those on limited incomes, North Carolina Medicaid implemented a paid diaper service offering free diapers to low-income recipients.

North Carolina Medicaid provides many services to low-income families. One particular service is a saving grace for those who cannot afford diapers, under pads, or pull-ups. In North Carolina, Medicaid recipients receive diapers, pull-ups, and under pads free of charge. This program is a life-saver for many low or no income people who need diapers, but are unable to afford to buy them. However, North Carolina Medicaid recipients must understand how the program works.

If you are a North Carolina Medicaid recipient there are several ways to take advantage of the paid diaper service offered. Qualifications for the free diaper program through North Carolina Medicaid includes a federal program called EPSDT which in correlation with North Carolina Medicaid provides a child under the age of twenty-one diapers and incontinence supplies if the child is disabled. Also, if your child has a Medicaid waiver, they usually have full Medicaid services and may also have additional services through the waiver. Sometimes the diapers are actually provided under a portion of the Medicaid waiver which is an easier route than going through EPSDT services. The amount of diapers, pull-up’s, or other supplies depend on need. However, if there is a limit, don’t be afraid to ask for extra.

In addition to children covered by North Carolina Medicaid, adults with incontinence issues are also able to take advantage of paid diaper or other incontinence services through the paid diaper program.

For adults age 65 and over, blind, disabled, income restrictions, North Carolina Medicaid provides incontinence supplies such as under pads, diapers, or briefs through different programs.  Beneficiaries of North Carolina Medicaid who reside in private residences are eligible for medical supplies which include diapers, under pads, or briefs. This is vital to those adults who due to limited funds are not able to purchase incontinence supplies.

To take advantage of the North Carolina Medicaid paid diaper program, you should make sure you qualify. Of course the first step is having Medicaid. If you do not have Medicaid and think you may qualify, contact your local North Carolina Medicaid office. You also need to make sure you have a qualified child or adult. The North Carolina Medicaid paid diaper program only covers a child under twenty-one or adults 65 or older, or blind or disabled. Finally, contact Aeroflow Healthcare to get set up with all your diaper needs!

By following certain guidelines, families who struggle each week or month with purchasing diapers, pull-up’s, briefs, or under pads will insure needs are met.

North Carolina’s Medicaid paid diaper program provides much more than diapers to those in need. The program provides a sense of security and knowing that your loved one will have diapers, pull-up’s, briefs, or under pads if funds are limited or you cannot afford to buy these products.

The average family can spend close to $1000 a year on diapers or pull-up’s per child or disabled adult. This astronomical cost can take away other necessities such as food or clothing. By utilizing the North Carolina Medicaid paid diaper program, families no longer have to worry about buying diapers or incontinence supplies verses vital necessities.

If you receive North Carolina Medicaid and need help with diapers, briefs, pull-up’s, or under pads, do not hesitate to call your case worker. Struggling to provide diapers or incontinence supplies for a loved one will take a toll of a care giver mentally and physically. If you need help, contact Aeroflow Healthcare at 844-276-5588.

North Carolina Medicaid cares enough about its recipients to provide diapers and other supplies for those who cannot afford to purchase them. It only takes a phone call to get the process started. Providing diapers or brief’s for your loved one is the last thing you need to worry about as a caregiver. North Carolina Medicaid paid diaper program and Aeroflow Healthcare has you covered.


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