Glossary of Terms


Pediatric Pull-Ups: For toddlers transitioning to potty training or for older children struggling with nighttime incontinence. Training pants allow toddlers to have more control of their potty training while still allowing parents to check for messes. Sleep Overs are a discreet, underwear like pull-up for older children

Pediatric Diapers: Offered in a variety of sizes for growing babies, pediatric diapers are absorbent and soft on sensitive skin. Pediatric diapers have a stretchy inner leg cuff to allow babies to move freely without leaks or irritation. Refastenable tabs allow parents to check for messes without removing the entire diaper.

Bedpads/Chux Underpads: Chux underpads are an incontinence option for individuals with various levels of incontinence. These underpads may be used alone for occasional leaks at night, or in conjunction with diapers or pull-ups for added protection against incontinence

Adult Diapers: Diapers, also referred to as briefs, are made specifically for individuals who experience urinary or fecal incontinence. Diapers are available in a wide range of sizes and absorbency levels to best fit the needs and level of incontinence for each individual 

Adult Pull-ups: Pull-ups, or protective underwear, are available in a range of sizes and absorbency levels for individuals suffering from incontinence issues. Pull-ups are the preferred choice for users who are still ambulatory and able to access the bathroom when possible 

Urinary Incontinence (UI): loss of bladder control that becomes more common with age or when muscles are too weak or too active; symptoms can range from mild leaking to uncontrollable wetting. Women experience UI more often than men 

Bladder Control Pads: A solution for lighter incontinence issues that doesn’t require a full diaper. Pads for women and men offer a more discreet option that is less bulky than diapers or pull ups, giving people the freedom to wear what they like.

Wipes: Pre-moistened cloths dispensed from soft-packs are a necessary supply for incontinence product users. Adult and pediatric users will benefit from durable, soft on skin wipes for clean-ups.

Gloves: Ambidextrous gloves have inner and outer layers to provide comfort and safety. The powdered inner layer allows the glove to fit the hand smoothly, whereas the non-permeable outer layer keeps clean-up sanitary.

Inner Layer or Top Sheet: This layer comes in direct contact with the skin. It quickly absorbs liquid, transferring moisture into the absorbent core to keep skin dry

Absorbent Core: Inner layer of the diaper that pulls moisture away from the skin. It is usually made with either Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) or wood-pulp. Making up the majority bulk of the diaper, this fluff core is important in containing odors and moisture

Waterproof Outer Shell: Outer-layer of the diaper that prevents moisture and mess from leaving the diaper. This shell is often made with plastic treated materials to ensure leak protection

Wood Pulp: Reduced fiber material used in the absorbent core of diapers to pull moisture away from the skin and distribute the liquid within the core. Wood pulp is effective in maintaining a dry environment and locking in odor

Super Absorbent Polymers: Invented in Japan during the 70’s and incorporated into the absorbent core of diapers during the 80’s. The small crystals are infused within the core and claim to absorb 300 times it’s weight in water. SAPs are able to lock-in moisture, preventing leaks, skin irritation and odor

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