What does level of incontinence mean?

Level of incontinence is based upon the control and ability to access a restroom that a person has. Light – individual has dribbling and an occasional release of urine Moderate – individual has large releases of urine but not a full bladder Heavy – individual has a full release of the bladder during the day [Read More….]


Can I order gloves, wipes or bed pads?

Medicaid will provide up to a maximum of 200 disposable underwear, 192 diapers, 150 underpads, 200 disposable gloves, and 200 wipes. Each month, Aeroflow will get in touch with you to set up your resupply, giving you the option to order more or less diapers or skip a month if needed.


What if I want to pay cash?

You can always purchase the amount of diapers or supplies you need from our cash-pay site, Aeroflow Direct. We offer a variety of diapers in different sizes and styles to ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for. Aeroflow Direct accepts all major payment methods, and offers free shipping on all orders over $49.00.


What exactly is provided through Medicaid?  

Medicaid provides coverage for either disposable adult briefs, more commonly called diapers, or disposable pull-on underwear, commonly known as pull-ups.   Medicaid provides a maximum of 192 diapers or 200 pairs of disposable underwear. Additionally, Medicaid will provide up to a maximum 150 underpads, 200 disposable gloves, and 200 wipes.


Do I need a prescription?

Medicaid requires that a patient is diagnosed with incontinence by a qualified physician in order to qualify for free diapers through Medicaid. Additional items such as gloves and wipes must also be signed for by a physician diagnosing urinary or fecal incontinence.


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